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Southern Style by ShadowsFinder Southern Style :iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 2
the oxygen in this room
{Broken} hearts scrawl their names across
torn rice paper, hoping not to fall to infinity.
Found [yet] hidden secrets keep their black scars to themselves
breaking upturned faces full of hope, while trying to halt the rain.
Attempting to move through too thick air
attempts to breathe growing weaker as the revealed secrets beat me down.
Is it just me, or is the oxygen in this room getting stale?
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
Lightning cracks
and thunder rumbles.
Mom and Dad
are at it again.
The fights have raged
like silent thunderstorms.
Words they think we don't hear,
behind closed doors.
Mom sports a new bruise.
We all avoid Dad,
he's in another killing mood.
No one eats, we just go to school.
A private storm
goes on at home.
It shadows us,
clouds over our day.
I get home,
and flee to my room.
Mom is gone,
and Dad is waiting.
All I can do
is cower beneath his blows,
and wonder what to tell my friends,
the next day at school.
Dad went to far,
the other night.
I guess Mom won't have
another fight.
I don't live at home.
Not anymore.
The silent storm is passing,
after sitting at my front door.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
The Blood Red White Rose
The soul is dying,
My heart is crying,
As I try to go to sleep.
The rain is pouring,
Over the roses,
The snow white roses,
Stained in my deep red blood.
The wound won't close
The hole won't fill,
My mind can't go to rest.
And my blood is still pouring
Over the roses,
The snow white roses,
Stained in my deep red blood.
No one knows this wound I carry,
This deep heart sore.
The soul is crying,
As my heart is dying,
I can't go to sleep.
The sleep that takes me
Is what makes me,
And I can't go to sleep.
The pain that shakes me,
Is what takes me,
And it won't go away.
I have no love,
So my tears are pouring,
Over the roses.
The snow white roses,
Stained in my deep red blood.
And I still can't fall asleep,
The sleep that takes me,
Shakes me,
Makes me,
Saves me,
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 1 0
World Without a Sound
Frost Creeps oh so slowly
The world is begining to freeze
Mother nature breathes oh so coldly
We all just want to sneeze
The world is quiet
The snow a white blanket
Animals are no where to be found
In this world Without sound.
Trees are heavy laden
With their offering of snow
And we ride down the street
The bleak and barren road.
The world is oh so cold
The world without a sound
We are all so laden
with our silent heavy burden.
Frost creeps so slowly
ore the bleak and frozen ground
I try to find some comfort
in this world without a sound.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
This Pain Keeps Me Alive
The pain creeps so slowly
the pain I thought I had banished
the darkness swallows my soul.
I can't find peace
the world won't allow
it just rips my soul to pieces.
No one understands,
this burden put on me
a life I was not meant to live
has finally found me again.
I thought I was over the pain
the pain that creeps so slowly.
I thought that I could hide,
hide in the darkness forever
not making a sound to hide from the world.
I am alone.
A wolf without a pack,
I find no love, no joy, no happiness.
Only pain, sorrow, and hurt.
These are the things I keep with me
The things I leave in my wake.
I cannot throw them away.
They keep me alive as nothing else will.
In my eyes my soul is colder than the world.
It has no room for love and caring.
It has been taken over by the pain,
The pain I want no part of but must have.
I sometimes wish for death,
but that would end the pain that keeps me.
The pain will not let me go as I will not let it.
I try to hide from the world and pain in dreams
dreams t
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 1 0
Sweet Infinity
Sliding past my ears in silvered cords,
whispering new thoughts and secrets to,
seep down and become part of who I am.
Calling to me with scents of the ocean,
fresh cut grass and the sweet,
exotic scents of growing wood.
Tantalizing me with visions of white and silver snow,
blackened caves with mystic secrets in their depths.
Glorious waterfalls cascading in roaring glory
daring me to try and challenge their might.
Flowing across my skin and bringing the touch of a lover
contained in a drop of rain, journeyed across the world.
Softly grating grains of sand flow through fingers
and tangle my hair, giving me a taste of that unknown.
Filling me with the taste of winter
and the tang of spring filling my senses, but leaving me hollow.
Coating my tongue with thick sweet honeysuckle,
and making me wish for sweeter days, and darker nights.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
such {sweet} poison
dripping q.u.i.c.k.l.y. off my tongue.
Falling onto ears :needing: seeking,
my a
Softly (shouted) words
full of enviously,
barely suppressed sighs.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 1 0
Last But Not Least?
To introduce to family,
we lined up with care,
from oldest to youngest,
and dark to light hair.
I sat at the bottom of this chain,
the hardest for any to see,
a child none saw much of, the one out of sight,
a lie when they proclaim, "Last, but not least."
I prepared myself a poem,
to show the world my name,
we all had to show something
the others were all the same.
I cringed to here my mother who loudly said,
"Here we have our daughter, who we've singled out,"
and the fateful words, "Last but not least."
"A lie," I want to shout.
I stepped forward carefully, shake the hair from my face,
"I've come to tell you all the truth," I began my revelation.
"of how the truth is hidden here,
within our family's faces.
I always seem to hear,
things they think I don't know.
I try and tell myself 'They love me,
maybe it just doesn't show.'
I play my games and cry inside,
Mom doesn't know my favorite game.
Brother thinks I have friends,
Father thinks all my friends are still the same.
The problem is
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
Brokenly Mended Dreams
Silvered petals open to,
achingly sweet and broken moonlight.
Hidden beneath sweet water,
and salty tears mixing to make,
a balance of light and dark.
A blind pathway leading to no where,
wet with my tears but dry with,
the hopes and ambitions of a young world.
Too carefree to notice that nothing is right,
and the right is all wrong.
The wise willow extends her mothering arms,
to envelop her young children,
opening their minds but shielding their eyes.
Veiled and crystal thoughts cloud the icy air,
and clear all misconception with their fire.
Stepping from the arms of protection,
a fledgling world takes flight and sails out of,
an untouched cove where chaos does not exist,
and disorder is overflowing.
Mountains of discord,
playing harmonious melodies,
enticing men to conquer their,
deceptively truthful heights.
Losing innocence from the,
heart of all chastity,
a new world is born from,
the bosom of harmony,
and the place of broken dreams.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
Fire and Ice
Ice swirls gracefully in tall skyward spires,
only to be eaten by glowing waves of fire.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
Growing Wings
Flowers reach up to touch the great blue sky,
hiding secrets to grow soft wings and fly
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
18 And Free
I'm sorry I wasn't there today,
so with your toy you couldn't play.
I know you like giving me a slap,
just cause you know I can't hit you back.
Sometimes I just want to run away,
but I have no place else to stay.
For my every cry and each slip,
you play another dirty trick.
You have a goal to make my life hell,
and I must say, you do it well.
With every kick and every curse,
my hate for you grows that much worse.
But, Dad, the day I turn 18,
is the day that I'll be free.
And run away to look back no more,
and find the future I have in store.
I'm sorry I wasn't there today,
so with your toy you couldn't play...
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 1 3
Love is beautiful,
love is kind,
love is something undefined.
My heart is paper,
love is the glue,
and when I'm with you,
love is something true.
Love is not some careless feeling,
it is something that carries meaning.
Love is losing yourself in their eyes,
like deep chocolate or ice blue skies.
Love the one who loves in return
but always remember love leaves much to learn.
Some of heartbreak, and some of pain.
Through it all love also brings things to gain.
Like happiness and peace,
maybe just a quiet space.
Love is cruel, love is kind,
love is more than undefined.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0
Shortened Eternity
A tickle, a laugh,
a snatch of  a word,
flowing and swirling in gentle eddies,
passing you by.
A gentle caress,
like a quiet lovers kiss.
Wrapping around you,
like an old loved blanket.
Sharp and cold,
it brings smells of snow.
Scents of grass and of sea,
all are carried on one breeze.
Eddies and currents,
the swirls of the wind.
Carried stories of people,
of where's and of when's.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 1 0
Heart String Harmonies
Heart strings,
by a master musician.
Playing it,
with thought,
only to the melody,
but never for a harmony.
And when they snapped,
it left no allowance,
for my forgiveness.
And just like
all the others,
he left me.
to find a brand new,
instrument to toy with and crush.
:iconshadowsfinder:ShadowsFinder 0 0


Hunter - 06 by aditya777 Hunter - 06 :iconaditya777:aditya777 4,524 18 .Last night I dreamt. by Nonnetta .Last night I dreamt. :iconnonnetta:Nonnetta 515 40 Tree of Light by sakimichan Tree of Light :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 12,430 352
Destroy This Poem
Destroy This Poem
To the person grading this poem
To the kind, patient woman hovering over this with a pen
Waiting to say kind, patient words in response, do me a favor:
Stop it.
Don’t Patronize me.
I did not slave over this with hammer and anvil
Shaping it into a masterpiece.
I didn’t paint it onto the ceiling of some church,
Going blind from the pain and the stress.
I didn’t even turn this in on time.
And while I’m writing this in my fifth-period economy class,
You can bet I’m not concerned with iambs and troches and Italian terza rima.
No, I’m concerned with how much water is left in my water bottle.
This isn’t a masterpiece.
Who are we kidding?
You’re not going to hurt it, and you most certainly aren’t going to hurt me.
Stop it.
Don’t patronize me.
I want you to destroy my work.
I want you to rip it to shreds with sadistic dominatrix glee.
Tear it apart from margin to margin;
Laugh openly at its crippled, struggling body.
Stab throu
:iconniedec:niedec 1,240 524
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Hey peoples,

  For those of you watching me, I'm sorry for the inbox overload, but I'm working on transferring my entire poetry collection from one sight to this one and I'm also working on adding all the stuff I don't have electronic copies up as well.  Again, I'm sorry!


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